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What Matters Most

Sometimes, we just need a reminder that this is what it's ultimately about.

We all need a little reminder sometimes. Life gets so busy, full, and crazy. It just becomes too easy to let each chaotic moment carry you to the next that before you can blink, you suddenly realize you missed out on the good stuff.

This was a hard week. Things at work have been incredibly challenging, not to mention the daily grind of balancing it all. To miss your kids all day, only to come home exhausted. Wanting to spend that time with the ones you love the most, yet having so little energy left that it really takes all that's in you to do what you need to do. Trying to stay focused on what really matters most, instead of what feels important in the moment, like some of the "problems" at work. In the grand scheme of it all, those completely don't matter. It may not even matter in a week. Whereas what's in front of me at home has eternal value. And is what I will long for as it passes ever so quickly.

I came across this photo again today, from my daughter's first birthday. It wasn't immediately my favorite when I first saw it a few months ago (I know, it's ridiculous how we always criticize ourselves the most and how we look - I'm still working on that). But even that same night, as I looked at it more, I realized just how perfect it really was, and it quickly became one of my favorites. What's so great about it was that it wasn't really posed in the sense that we were trying to get this shot; we were just genuinely having a good time. I love love love the pure joy captured on my little ones' faces. How they are just having the time of their lives, simply just delighting in our time with them, our doting over them. How free they are, in the security of our arms. And how happy we are, seeing those faces that are such a glimpse of Heaven.

It was a salient reminder that this is what matters most. No matter what challenge or issue or hardship I may be dealing with, it is ultimately all about the people that we love. And that is where we should be focusing our energy. Everything else is just noise.

It's been broached by many of my friends that I should start a blog sometime, to share what's on my mind and what I'm learning, especially as we navigate this whole journey of balancing all the different hats we need to wear. Well, I figured this is as good a time as any. Plus, it may be a good opportunity to help me pull up, to pause, and reflect - to take stock of how we are doing, how we are being intentional with our time, and ensuring that we stay fully aware that "these are the days". Because one day, we are going to long for the crazy.

We've had a lot happen in our lives that has made us keenly aware that every minute, every moment, every breath is a gift. It's a continuous journey, and I'd be humbled to share it with you. What I'm thinking to share: what we're doing to help us stay present; what's good but also what's hard; what I've learned along the way on how to balance a professional career motherhood, marriage, and everything in between; perhaps some parenting hacks that have worked for us; fun ways we spend time with and celebrate life with the kiddos (as everyone knows I LOVE a good celebration!); and on how we integrate all the spheres of our lives, being in this world, not of this world.

I'd be honored if you joined me in this journey.

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