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Self-Care Isn't Selfish: Investing In Your Family By Investing In Yourself

Self-care isn't selfish; in fact, a healthier you can mean a healthier family

With so many demands on us mamas, "me time" almost never makes the cut. There is no shortage of things to do when it comes to caring for a family; in fact, the list can be overwhelming. Dishes to do, meals to plan, clothes to wash, not to mention all the work to catch up on from having to leave the office in time to put the kids to bed.

Inevitably, it quickly and all too often can feel like we are constantly falling short in every area of our lives. My heart and desire are there in terms of all that I want to do for everyone around me; yet I am limited by the hours in the day and being just one person. We put so much pressure on ourselves to constantly give of ourselves that the thought of wanting a break is fraught with so much guilt.

What I'm learning though, is that it shouldn't be. If we aren't filling our own tanks, then we are merely running on empty and will only get so far. Taking care of ourselves is a critical aspect of caring for those we love.

When I'm exhausted, my patience runs out faster; when I'm at capacity, my energy focuses on surviving and just getting by. I'm shorter with those around me, quicker to yell when the kids are acting up, and prone to letting teaching moments pass by since I just can't deal with it in the moment. I'm physically there but hardly emotionally present.

I have to confess these days have been happening more often lately, and it has been completely breaking my heart. It's that much harder to put your kids down knowing in the moment that I wasn't my best self with them, that when they were melting down, they likely just needed an extra hug and shoulder to cry on - the emotional support I wasn't able to provide because I was emotionally spent myself.

My MOM Box from Moms On Maternity couldn't have come at a better time. (For those of you who may be unfamiliar with them, it's a community of moms supporting moms, and the MOM Box is a recent extension of their mission to support each other and also help moms feel at their best.) They sent me their box to try, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect given what we're going through at home right now.

The box was full of amazing healthy and curated products for the family, and what I lost no time on was using the fun little bath bomb. Yesterday was an especially hard day and I knew something needed to give, so instead of jumping straight to doing laundry and cleaning up the house, I decided to do something for me and so I ran the bath. Just to notion of doing something for me felt so good, and it relaxed and refreshed me more than I expected. I felt like I was able to breathe more deeply afterwards. And when my kids woke up, I had way more capacity to focus on them and just enjoy and even savor each of those moments with them.

So what can investing in yourself look like? It might mean carving out regular time for yourself and protecting that time. Building it into your schedule and adding it to your list of priorities. It could mean treating yourself with a massage sometime. Or getting some exercise. It could mean making some time to meet up with a friend, going to see a therapist if you're going through something you need to process through, finding the support your need. Or it could be as simple as just dedicated alone time where the door is closed, and for an hour or even just 30 minutes, you can just be you and not anyone else. Recentering yourself. Coming back to who you are as you, not all the roles and relationships to people around you.

It can make all the difference. It can help you be a better mom. And most importantly, it can help you be a better, healthier version of you.

PS - For those of you interested in learning more and even getting the MOM Box for yourself, here is some more info on what's inside:

Baby girl was quick to claim what she wanted! Full image of contents of the box below.
  • A Tiny Trucker MOM Life hat and MOM racerback tank that are super cute. If you're like me, being a mom is probably the thing I am most proud of, so it's fun to have a nice design where I can wear that boldly!

  • A full size sample of BOS Organic Iced Tea - I'd never heard of this brand before, so I love that the box introduced me to them. I actually love drinking tea and infused waters, but other than brands like Honest Tea and Hint, haven't come across anything else as go-tos, so it is so great to be introduced to another healthy beverage that isn't super sweet!

  • A Good Lovin’ Bar and an Elevate Smart Coffee stick for some extra energy, which every mama needs

  • COOLA Guava Mango sunscreen, a personal favorite in our house already - it feels and smells amazing, is reef-friendly, and over 70% of the ingredients in it are certified organic, which makes me feel good about using it on the whole fam

  • A code to access Julie Tupler’s Lose Your Mummy Tummy workout video to help strengthen your core (so great, so I don't have to leave the house)

  • An adorable pink piggy loofah plus baby bath and lotion products from Healthy Times Baby which my kiddos have already claimed!

  • The MOMs mini-book insert to aid in some self-reflection

And as extra, the first 50 boxes they sell also has either the Sugar Suds Unicorn Bath Bomb (which mine had) or a #momlife bangle from Lemon Kissed. I loved getting the Unicorn Bath Bomb because it's vegan and it's a surprise what color it turns (mine was blue!).

If you'd like to get one here, you can use my code ONBEINGMOMMY5 for $5 off the regular price of $59.99 plus $4.99 shipping (it's over $130 value...the hat and sunscreen alone are probably almost that entire value).

Migrated post from On Being Mommy. In collaboration with MOMs on Maternity. I received a box complimentary for my review but all written opinions and my personal post are my own.

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