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Fearless and How It Can Stem From Security

With a little bounce in her step, she's ready to take on any wave that comes her way!

This little girl is fearless. Yesterday was the first time she went beyond the tide and into the ocean...and boy did she LOVE it! I thought she'd get scared of the waves, but she couldn't get enough of how they rushed against her, crashed behind, and then tried to pull against her as they receded!

The thing is, her fearlessness came with knowing that I was right there with her. There were moments she'd let go of me and run off, but then she'd run back, and as long as she was holding my hand, she was so excited to face even the big waves that came. It made me think of how important it was for her to have that sense of support, and how when she had that security, it gave her complete confidence to rush into the waves head on.

It made me think of moments in my own life, both when I had the confidence to tackle some sort of challenge and those when I didn't. More often than not, it had so much to do with having someone who believed in me, who perhaps saw something in me that I didn't even see myself yet, who imparted the right words, or who I knew had my back.

May we all be that support for our children, that believes for what they can be or do, that gives them the security to take on new challenges and bounce back when they fall. Her delightful laughter made me think it might just make the difference between being overcome by the waves or paralyzed by fear versus facing them, riding them, and having a blast in the process.

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