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About Christina


Hi! My name is Christina and I'm a marketer, wife, and most importantly, a mama to my two beautiful gifts from Heaven! My husband, Daniel, is a physician. Though we both have full-time careers, our shared passion and purpose is our love for Jesus Christ, his church, and seeking God's heart for the world. We have both served as church and ministry leaders in various capacities over the course of the last two decades, including helping to lead a church plant in Los Angeles.

At one point, I was sure that I would end up in full-time church ministry. But to my surprise, God called me instead to a vocation as a full-time working professional. It wasn't always an easy journey for me to navigate; as I continued to grow in my career, it was sometimes a struggle to navigate the challenges we came across with regards to integrating faith and career. It was only further exacerbated when I became a mom and needed to further figure out how balance it all with family life. It was in and through those earlier years that we felt God call us to seek Him even more, that He would be guide us and pour into us, that down the road, we may in turn also help guide others on a similar journey.


It has been an exciting and incredible adventure. We've seen God's faithfulness throughout the years, are learning so much, and our faith is deeper and more vibrant than ever before. By God's grace, we've been blessed to have had the most amazing community of mentors along the way as well. As it is always an ongoing journey, we are continuing to lean on Christ in the new experiences we encounter, following His lead step by step as we go along. I'd be honored if you so desire to read along on this blog as I process and share the insights we're learning along the way. My hope is that our continuing story may encourage you in yours.

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I separately also host two other websites! By necessity, we are also a food allergy family. We were receiving so many requests to share our advice and tips on managing food allergies that we decided to create a resource site, which you can find at

I also have a separate hobby site that captures my passion and journey of creating unique ways to celebrate the people I love. If you're interested in following along for fun, it can be found at

Questions that relate to faith on your mind? Please reach out!

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